Monday, July 23, 2012

Fabled Truths

There is a chest hidden far away,
Deep within the depths.
Where many a man have attempted to quest and find,
Only to fail and suffer miserably.

It is said this chest is hidden in the soul
Of a land yet to be conquered.
And it holds the knowledge of powers and secrets
That this land has to offer.

And so the land never makes it easy
For the “knights” to adventure.
The road so full of treachery and peril,
They often cease their search, calling to other men, “beware!”

For nothing could be worth the tortures of the land,
The horrors the it puts them through.
Nothing can heal their tainted minds,
Ruined from their attempt.

Ignoring these warnings, there came a young sire
The Knight in Shining Armour kind of soul.
He saw the potential within the chest
And paid no heed to the dangers.

He trekked through the fields and fought off the wolves,
He battled other men and slayed fantastical dragons.
He swam through rapids and climbed the highest mountains,
All to catch a glimpse of this fabled truth.

When wounded and tired, hungry and thirsty
He finally discovered the cove, hidden so well.
Far away, behind the defences, within the depths of the land,
He saw the prize within his reach.

For a moment he worried, for he saw it was locked,
Could all of this have been in vain?
Reaching out towards the chest, he finally understood,
He was the key to the chest, it was he all along.

He acquired the knowledge, the secrets, the powers,
Everything to be known about the land.
Finally the land was able to breathe a sigh of relief,
Knowing someone tried and conquered.

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