Friday, April 23, 2010


Thinking, because this is my first blog EVER, I shall talk about blogs. What are blogs essentially? Well in my case a teenage girl who is bored outta her brains trying to find entertainment on the internet. Unless I want to talk to some creepy pervert or play games that are aimed for 4 year olds, there isn't much range on the world wide web for people in my situation. So here I am blogging about blogs... Who else blogs? Honestly I dont know, I should read some more blogs, get a feel for it. Most blogs, I assume, are about the world or peoples life or their opinion about something, like mine at the moment about blogs. Blogs?? Hmm, I sort of hope to keep this up, even if people don't read it or anything, it should help with my typing speed, and even my story telling. I need to get better at that, telling stories, because if I don't I'm gonna fail my attempt at being an author... Epically... Anyways yeah first blog *happy dancing cuz this was soooo hard*

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