Friday, August 6, 2010

Chocolate and Lemonade

It was the time of her life!
All around her chocolate and lemonade, from head to toe, horizon to horizon.
She was only eight years old, and unbeknown to her, her family were worried sick, but what does she care?
Chocolate and lemonade!
The more she indulged, the happier she became, so, so happy. Lightheaded with happiness.
Chocolate and lemonade!
So lightheaded, the chocolate and lemonade started to blur and she fell down.
Chocolate and lemonade!

All around her the sterile white of a hospital, from head to toe, horizon to horizon.
She had awoken from her lightheaded happiness, far away from her paradise.
A nurse was standing next to her, head bent into paperwork.
'S'cuse me miss, but what happened?' the little girl asked.
'Oh, you went missing for a while, your parents were so worried had search teams everywhere looking for you.' She replied.
'But I was in paradise!'
'I would hardly call the sewers paradise, more like a suburban hell!'
'The what?'
'The sewers.'

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