Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The dark

It was the same as always.
I would have thought after all this time, after all these lives I have taken that his would not be this difficult.
We both knew this was coming and yet he was the only one who was aware that he was manipulating my feelings for this exact, precise moment.
The moment in which I would have to do me job and take his life. He was a traitor, should be nothing to me, yet he was something an he knew that.
'Just do it, you know you have to, you've already beaten me. Just do it like usual, just point and click, I'm just another one of your victims to put under the ground.' He taunted, sitting helpless in the chair.
I looked at him, I knew I wouldn't do it, but I had to make him think I would. I had to stall.
'Why?' I asked. He smiled and looked at me.
'Why what? Why didn't your mum tell you not to play with guns in the dark?'
'What-' But in that second the room lost any light in it, and I felt something metallic against my head.
'See ya down there hey?' He whispered and the trigger was pulled.

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