Saturday, April 24, 2010


There are only three reasons I got to school...
1. I am forced to by my parents, government and other higher authority figures. Obviously my acting skills are below ordinary, because I'm still going to school everyday, even though I try to convice them that I'm about to die...
2. There is nothing to do at home. Honestly, on the holidays I swear suicide is just one step away, thats giving in too mums requests to do chores. Argh.
3. My friends and how funny they can be, but then again most of the times are the "you had to be there" times. Like in tech the other day we were pre-drilling spaces in our peices of wood, I had already done mine and was sanding it, when my friend came up to me. She's didn't want to do the work so she asked me if I could drill her holes for her. Bwahaha. Still laughing, three days later ^.^

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