Friday, May 14, 2010


Being a teenager in a world full of nerd hating teens, I am one to keep my love of books to a minimum. I could honestly, for the rest of my life, live in a library and read all day every day (with lots of Panadol for the headaches ^.^) I think the main reason I read, why people watch movies and tv shows is to escape my boring, straightforward life. It also helps me to believe that there really is love in the world, ha. Also I like to believe that there are wizards that go to Hogwarts, there are vampires that sparkle (not really but I like the idea) that there is a life other than school and work, friends and family. And there are so many stories, stories about life, love, dragons, elves, humans, aliens, everything you can possibly think of and more. I love to get lost in other worlds, and thats what the magic of reading is. And books dont even need wands xD

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