Tuesday, May 11, 2010


What makes most people happy? Money, sex, friends, adrenaline, pets, alcohol, drugs, pain? What? All people are different but aren't we essentially the same? I mean most people want friends, we don't want to be lonely. We like money, we like to be comfortable. The rest of it, I guess is personal, people like Christians manage without sex, alcohol and drugs. Adrenaline is hated by some, my mother as example one and loved by others me for example. Pain favoured by those who are really troubled at heart, is like a sanction for them I guess. Anyways happiness, I need some. Maybe chocolate. Yum, yum. People love chocolate, most people love chocolate. I think I may need more thay chocolate though. My cat, books, drawings and music make me happy. I need some of that. I'm gonna go get some of that ^.^

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