Thursday, May 20, 2010


To some music is a way to get away from real life to escape to the beats and rythems of the song, to others it could be a social thing, use it to dance to with friends and family and to others it can be used to place you in that "Social Heirarchy" that I so deeply hate. For me its to escape the real world, there is nothing better than to slam my music up full and get a headache after half a song. Most the time I use it to escape my family, oh how I would die without my iPod. I listen to all sorts of songs, from acoustic to techno, metal to rock. They usually define my moods. Mostly metal at the moment adn for that I cope alot of crap from some of my friends, thinking I've changed into some Death Metal freak that is going to kill herself tommorow. That's what ruins everything, the peer pressure of thinking you have to fit in with everyone else and have to do what they do, wear what they wear, say what they say, listen to what they listen. Thats what irks me the most, maybe thats why I'm not popular ^.^ Anyways back to music. There is an endless selection, perfect for everyone, from Emo's to the teachers you try to dodge. Music is loved by all, everyone listens to it, everyone enjoys their own type and style. Rock for me ^.^

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