Monday, May 3, 2010


Honestly I swear I have a totally block when it comes to writing poems, they come from the heart, for most of my life I've tried to hide whats in my heart. Even though I may not be able to write them, my friends are skilled in ways I will never understand. Here's one of my favourites:

Darkest dark and coldest cold, dumb is young but wise is old. Night by night we close our eyes and day by day we slowly die, old or young, strong or weak, there are few who find what they truly seek, or say what they truly think. But when they do they are ignored and eventually they get tired or bored, of no-one listening to what they say. So one day they fade away without a sound or peep into insanity most of them creep, but I will not, I stay for friends and my family. Stay here strong.

If I could write like that, I would probably call myself a genius. Drawing is more my forte, you don't need to be overly creative, you can copy...

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