Sunday, May 2, 2010

Social Hierarchies

Modern teenagers and everyone else in the world have taken the idea of the Ancient Egyptians and their social hiarachies into everyday life and school. Every student has an opinion on another student, wheteher it's the supposed "nerds" who hate the "popular people" or the "popular people" hating everyone else who isn't them. I myslef am in a secure enough place in the hiarachy to judge the people I don't like, but in a low enough place to have most of the "popular people" trying to ridicule me whenever they can. I understand how it feels to be hated, but still can't help but do it to others, to make fun of others, to ridicule them. Most people believe that bullies do what they do because they want others to feel as they do. I can understand that, I think when I get pissed off by others, I take it out on people and because I don't want to hurt my friends social rejects here I come. I hate myself for that but I can't help it...

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